Rob has over 15 years experience in facilitating small and large groups and has become expert at creating an environment in which groups can solve problems effectively, generate valuable creative thinking and make important decisions. The sessions Rob leads share these characteristics:

  1. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute within a collaborative environment;
  2. Energy and motivation levels are consistently high
  3. Effective analysis is undertaken prior to problem solving and decision making taking place
  4. Different styles of thinking such as 'critical', 'disruptive' or 'strategic' are facilitated as appropriate to enable the creation of valuable ideas, problem solving strategies and effective decision making; and
  5. Plans are thorough, ‘doable’ and truly agreed upon so that the commitment needed for effective implementation is present.


In addition, Rob has in-depth experience of designing and facilitating specialist, highly customized meeting and planning processes such as:

  1. Web and telephone based meetings where participants are geographically dispersed and important decisions have to be made;
  2. Workforce Planning processes;
  3. Scenario Planning
  4. Resolving complex technology or engineering issues where there is a need for absolute clarity and attention to detail;
  5. Fully customized strategic planning processes for teams, departments and organizations using a variety of proven approaches;
  6. Blue Ocean strategic planning processes where the emphasis is on new markets;
  7. Kaplan’s and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard, and
  8. Situations where the goal is to achieve consensus amongst a number of different groups with competing interests and a history of disagreement or even discord.

Robert Gilfoyle



TEL: 604.684.8041
CEL: 604.720.7934

Leadership, Strategy, Client Service